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Sarcoidosis Cure and Scleroderma

Sarcoidosis Cure - A Natural Solution to Sarcoid Relief

Sarcoidosis is an autoimmune disease that shares characteristics with many other diseases which fall into the autoimmune category. Sarcoidosis shares many of the same symptoms and often overlaps into conditions such as Lupus & Scleroderma normally the most common way of determining sarcoidosis from other conditions is by the manifestation of non-caseating granulomas which are small inflammatory nodules.

Sarcoid or Boeck a multi-organ disease

Finding a cure for Sarcoidosis, otherwise known as sarcoid or Besnier-Boeck disease is by no means an easy task, although the most common symptoms of sarcoidosis are granulomas which most often appear in the lungs or the lymph nodes the condition also affects many other parts of the body including eyes, skin and internal organs. This medical condition although quite rare has been known about for quite some time now and hundreds of thousands of people in the USA alone suffer from it at present.

Still, an effective cure for Sarcoidosis that can address the many different problems caused by the disease has not been invented so far and the best that physicians can do is to provide symptomatic Sarcoidosis relief.

Sarcoid Treatment Options-Depend on Severity

The different Sarcoidosis treatment options depend on the severity of the condition and its level of development. In cases in which the affected symptoms are not to serious and the condition is progressing slowly, the examination by just one medical professional specializing in this field is sufficient.

The doctor will prescribe an appropriate treatment that will provide for the relief of these symptoms most often this will be something like a corticosteroid. However, when the Sarcoidosis condition is severe or if it's developing quickly a check by and treatment from more than one specialists is usually required.

This is absolutely necessary in cases of Sarcoidosis which has started to effect internal organs. Apart from the visits to the dermatologist and the rheumatologist, a sufferer may also have to see a cardiologist as this disease is often linked to cardiovascular problems.

While an actual Sarcoidosis cure might be something many can only dream of due to the differing symptoms it is also quite common for early symptoms to go into remission, however this is not a true cure for sarcoidosis and the condition and sarcoid symptoms may return.

Natural Sarcoidosis Treatments.

As discussed an actual cure for sarcoid is not likely to happen any time soon at least when it comes to traditional medical practices, this is due mainly to the fact that most modern medicine concentrates on the symptom.

However a natural sarcoidosis treatment will often concentrate on the underlying issues which are known to cause autoimmune disorders. If you suffer with Sarcoidosis it may be helpful to ask your doctor to check you blood for high levels of Vitamin D, there is well documented evidence that many sarcoid sufferers have high levels of Vitamin D (this is known as Vitamin D Toxicity).

Although this is not a major problem in itself it is often an indication of a bacterial (micro-bacterial) infection which certain research points to as a possible cause of sarcoidosis.

A Natural Sarcoidosis Solution

Although Sarcoid seems to be an untreatable disease and as far as modern medication goes that's probably true, But there has been much research done on the subject by research teams and doctors working outside the drug industry. These findings are a real revelation for Sarcoid sufferers.

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Most diseases have their roots buried much deeper, the symptoms are just our bodies way of displaying a warning.

So to stop Sarcoidosis being an increasing problem you should be looking at treating these underlying issues & not just the symptoms Read More

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